What To Do If Your Dog Has A Hot Spot

What To Do If Your Dog Has A Hot Spot

9 December 2022
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Hot spots can occur on dogs that have not been groomed properly or dogs that have parasites on their bodies. Hot spots are a spot that usually begins as acute dermatitis or a rash, then once they bite and scratch at the area, the spot begins to redden and appears wet. This spot then may get infected with bacteria because it's an open wound that is open to any and all bacteria in your home. These hot spots can appear on the arms, legs, or hips. If your dog has a hot spot, there are ways to help treat this to prevent the area from worsening and causing other issues. Read on for what you can do to help your dog.

Apply A Warm Compress

Apply a warm compress to your dog's hot spot to help soothe the area and to soothe it from being too itchy for your dog. Use a warm washcloth — the warmer the better — then apply it to the affected area. Leave the washcloth in place, warming it up a few times to help ensure it stays warm. Only use a clean washcloth when applying it to your dog's hot spot. Wash the cloth after using it and use a new one the next time you apply the warm compress.

Clean The Affected Area

Be sure to keep the affected area clean and dry when you aren't applying the infected area. Make sure your dog stays clean, giving your dog a bath and having it groomed to prevent other hot spots. You need to groom your dog often to help prevent these hot spots. Do this by brushing your dog often to remove tufts of fur and shedding fur. Bathe your dog often as well to keep the skin clean.

Give Your Dog An E-Collar

Your dog may need an e-collar to prevent it from scratching and biting the area further and causing further damage to the skin. Use the e-collar to keep your dog from being able to reach the spot. This e-collar is the best way to prevent further scratching, and although it can be difficult to deal with your dog with the e-collar, you should still use it.

If your dog has a hot spot that has become infected, you may need to take your dog to the veterinarian, or your dog may need to be taken to the pet hospital for treatment. A bacterial infection can worsen and require extensive treatment and possibly medication to heal the area. Take good care of your dog and get them treatment as soon as possible to prevent these hot spots from worsening.

For more information, contact a pet hospital near you.