What To Consider When Taking Your Dog To The Emergency Veterinarian

31 March 2022
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When your dog has an emergency situation, it may leave you feeling all types of emotions. You want your dog to get the very best care and solve whatever ailment it is suffering from, but there are things you need to consider when you take your dog to the veterinarian. You need to get control of your emotions and be strong for your dog. They are counting on you to get them the very best care possible. Read More …

Reasons That A Dog’s Leg May Require Amputation

28 January 2022
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In addition to providing all sorts of routine care for your dog, your local veterinarian is someone who can perform surgeries when needed. While there are many minor surgeries that some dogs can require, a major surgery that some animals face is the amputation of one of their legs. Hearing during a veterinary clinic visit that your dog may need its leg amputated can be distressing, but it's important to know that dogs can live happy and fulfilling lives with just three legs. Read More …