How To Handle Seizures In Your Dog

How To Handle Seizures In Your Dog

19 February 2020
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When your dog has a seizure, it can be a scary thing. If your dog has never had one in the past, you may not understand what it going on. You may notice your dog acting differently just before a seizure and immediately afterward, and the seizure can look different each and every time depending on the severity. Read on for tips for how to handle a seizure if your dog has one.

1. Leave Him Be

If your dog has a seizure, whether it's mild or it's a full-body seizure, your dog should be left alone. You can move things around him so he doesn't get hurt, but it's best to just leave him alone and try to keep things quiet so as to not scare him while he has his seizure. If he is having a grand mal seizure, he may not be in his right mind at all, and if you scare him while he is seizing, he could attempt to get up, which can cause him injury. 

2. Keep Pets And Children Away

When your dog is having a seizure, he could act differently and even lash out at you or at other pets. Be sure to keep other pets away to prevent them from getting injured or from injuring your seizing dog, and keep small children away as well to prevent injury. Keep your seizing dog in an area away from everyone.

3. Keep Track Of The Seizure

If your dog has had a seizure, be sure to write everything down about the seizure. Write down what time it occurred, what your dog was doing at the time, how long the seizure lasted, and what type of seizure it was, whether it was a full-body seizure or if it was just a slight seizure such as a head shake or a jerking of the leg over and over again. Write down everything so you can discuss it with your veterinarian. If your dog has more than one seizure, or has them often, be sure to keep track of these as well. If your dog has them often, he may need to be put on medication to help treat them.

If your dog has had a seizure and he isn't coming out of it, take him to a veterinarian hospital, like Kenmore Veterinary Hospital, right away for treatment. Try your best to keep your dog calm and call the veterinarian hospital before you arrive to let them know what has happened.