Why You May Want To Become A Vet Tech

Why You May Want To Become A Vet Tech

17 June 2020
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If you are looking into changing careers (or you are looking to get your career started), then you may be thinking about many different career paths. One you may not yet have considered is that of a vet tech (veterinary technician). There are many reasons that working as a vet tech can be a wonderful and rewarding career. Get to know some of the reasons why you may want to become a vet tech. Then, you can better decide if being a vet tech is a good career option for you and your job hunt.

You Love Animals

One of the main reasons to become a vet tech is that you simply love animals. If you are a person that is highly compassionate towards animals, has a lot of pets, or otherwise just feels a kinship toward animals, why not use that in your career? 

As a vet tech, you will spend your days assisting the veterinarian, giving vaccinations, and even doing procedures. This is a highly rewarding career in which you can put your compassion and love of animals to work for you. 

Short Educational Program

The educational program for becoming a vet tech is relatively short. The degree program is generally two years (an Associate's degree). You could speed that up by taking extra classes each term and/or taking classes year-round. 

This short degree program means that you will be out working in just a few short years. There are even some programs that allow you to work in a veterinary setting while pursuing your degree. This can be beneficial in that you will be able to get practical experience while you learn. 

High Job Demand

There is always going to be a need for skilled and qualified vet techs. People have lots of pets and animals that they need to be taken care of, so much so that veterinarians cannot do everything on their own. So, they hire vet techs to take on some of the work. 

Because people all over the country have pets, you can take your vet tech degree and get a job virtually anywhere. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in your job prospects and can ensure that no matter where you go, you will be able to find a vet tech job. 

Potential for Career Growth

When you become a vet tech, you will also have the potential for career growth in the field. There are specialties and certifications you can go into. These require a certain amount of experience (which depends on the specific specialty), and continued education to achieve. However, they can represent a significant pay bump if you do pursue them. 

Now that you know some of the reasons you may want to become a vet tech, you can sign up for a vet tech program right away and get started down this career path. 

If you are interested in jobs for vet techs, contact a job board in your area.