What To Do If Your Dog Tears Their Dewclaw

What To Do If Your Dog Tears Their Dewclaw

20 October 2020
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Some dogs have their dewclaws removed as puppies, but if your dog still has theirs, you may run into problems with it from time to time. Your dog could tear their dewclaw if it gets snagged on anything, and that dewclaw could get snagged on anything and everything, including your carpeting or your furniture. If your dog does end up tearing their dewclaw, you may not know what to do or how to help your dog. Read on for helpful information to use as a guide.

Clean It Up

If your dog tears their dewclaw, they could have some bleeding or even a lot of bleeding. You need to clean the area up to see if the dewclaw is still in place, if it's hanging, or if it's completely ripped out. Clean up the dewclaw to see what has occurred and what type of injury your dog actually has. If your dog is in pain, they may not want you to touch their paw at all. They may move a lot, hide or just be difficult. If this happens, be sure to have someone help you hold your dog so you can clean them up and inspect the wound.

Inspect The Dewclaw

You need to see inspect the dewclaw to see if it's still intact or if it has been ripped out. If it's hanging there, you should take your dog to the veterinarian to have the dewclaw removed so it doesn't snag on anything else. This involves just cutting out the nail that is hanging. To have it completely removed will require a different type of surgery, which can be costly. If the dewclaw is ripped out, it may bleed continuously, in which case you should take your dog to the veterinarian to have it stitched. If it was ripped out but the bleeding is controlled, you need to keep it covered and clean to allow it to heal and watch out for infection. Use an antibiotic ointment on the wound and cover it with gauze and tape to hold it in place. Keep your dog from licking the wound, and keep it covered so it will heal. Once it starts to heal, you can take the bandage off, but keep an eye on your dog so they don't lick it too often and open the wound again.

If your dog still has their dewclaws, you may encounter an issue such as one of them being ripped out at some point in time. If this occurs, take your dog to the veterinarian for proper treatment. Getting your dog's nails trimmed regularly will help prevent them from getting snagged.

To learn more, contact a veterinarian.