Safeguarding Your Pets: 3 Health Problems Associated With Tap Water

Safeguarding Your Pets: 3 Health Problems Associated With Tap Water

6 April 2021
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If you have pets, you owe it to them to provide them with clean, clear water. If your pets drink ordinary tap water, they're at risk for health problems. You might not realize this, but tap water can actually harm your pets, which is why you should be offering them filtered water instead. One easy way to do that is to install a water treatment system in your home. If you're not sure that your pets need filtered water, read the information provided below. Here are just three ways tap water can make your pets sick.

Urinary Problems

If your pets regularly drink tap water, they're at an increased risk for urinary problems. This is especially true if your municipal water is hard, and contains elevated levels of magnesium and calcium. Most pet owners don't realize that high levels of magnesium and calcium can cause bladder and urinary tract infections. Not only that, but high levels of magnesium and calcium also increase the risk for crystalluria, which is the formation of crystals in urine. That's where filtered water comes into the picture. Filtered water doesn't contain the magnesium and calcium that can harm your pets.


If the water bowls your pets drink from are filled with tap water, there's a good chance they've been exposed to E.coli contamination. If that's the case, they're at risk for a variety of problems, such as lethargy, and depression. But, they're also at risk for appetite loss. E.coli contamination occurs when there's the presence of fecal matter in the water. To make sure your pets aren't consuming water that could contain E.coli, you should offer them filtered water instead. That's one of the safest ways to remove fecal matter from the water. 

Seizure Activity

If your pets are drinking tap water, you need to watch for seizure activity. This is especially important if lead has been found in the municipal water supply. If you're like most people, you know that lead can be harmful for human consumption. But, you might not know that it's also harmful to your pets. In fact, lead can cause your pets to experience seizures, as well as a variety of other health problems, including cancer. To protect your pets from lead-related health issues, you should give your pets filtered water instead of the ordinary tap water they're accustomed to.

If you've been giving your pets ordinary tap water, protect their health by switching to filtered water. If you notice any of the water-related health issues described above, contact an animal hospital right away.