Ways To Prevent Ticks From Infecting Your Dog With Lyme Disease This Summer

Ways To Prevent Ticks From Infecting Your Dog With Lyme Disease This Summer

8 June 2022
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Your dog's life is directly in your hands. When you aren't taking care of your dog, there's only so much your dog can do for itself. You are responsible for your dog and its health in order to ensure it has a long and healthy life. Part of taking care of your pet is to prevent diseases such as Lyme disease. Lyme disease can affect both pets and humans alike. It is usually caused by a bite from a tick that has Lyme disease. If your pet is bitten by a tick or has ticks on it, it could have Lyme disease. Prevention of this disease is very important. Read on for a few things you can be doing to prevent this disease.

Give Your Dog Lyme Disease Protection

Protecting your dog in the first place from Lyme disease is one of the best things you can do. Things such as tick collars, or tick medication can be helpful in preventing bites from ticks and from getting infected with the disease. These prevention methods can be found at your veterinarian clinic, although some can also be purchased at your local pet supply store as well. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging to ensure your pet has the most protection possible. You need to keep up with these preventatives as well, replacing the tick collar as often as necessary and giving your dog the chewable medication to prevent ticks. Don't go months without giving your dog the protection it needs.

Spray Your Yard

Have your yard sprayed for ticks to help prevent ticks from infecting your dog. If you live in an area that has a lot of ticks, or a lot of wildlife, you may have a problem with these pests. You can have your yard and your trees sprayed in order to kill the tick population and prevent medical issues such as Lyme disease from affecting your dog.

Keep Your Lawn Trimmed

Another thing you can do to prevent ticks from infecting your dog is to keep your lawn trimmed and your trees trimmed as well. Ticks like overgrown areas, so if you have a lot of overgrowths, you should keep it trimmed back, or keep your pet out of these areas of your yard. 

Your pet needs your care in order to prevent diseases such as Lyme disease from affecting its life and health. Contact your veterinarian about other things you can do to protect your pet from Lyme disease.