Other Signs Of A Dog’s Seizure

28 March 2023
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When you think about a dog suffering a seizure, there's a good chance that the first thing you think about is the animal experiencing tremors. While this can be a good way to determine that your pet is having a seizure — and should immediately compel you to begin arranging to take the dog to a local animal hospital — there can be other signs to watch for. These can often follow the tremors, which you might not always be around to witness. Read More …

What To Do If Your Dog Has A Hot Spot

9 December 2022
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Hot spots can occur on dogs that have not been groomed properly or dogs that have parasites on their bodies. Hot spots are a spot that usually begins as acute dermatitis or a rash, then once they bite and scratch at the area, the spot begins to redden and appears wet. This spot then may get infected with bacteria because it's an open wound that is open to any and all bacteria in your home. Read More …

You Should Take Your New Dog Into The Veterinarian Soon

7 September 2022
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If you've recently taken in a new dog, then you should get it in for a veterinarian exam soon. Even if the dog seems to be in good health, there are many reasons why a veterinarian exam is important. You can read more on some reasons why taking your new dog to the vet is important in the information below.  Find out if the dog has been fixed If you got a male dog, then it will be easy to tell that he was neutered just by looking at him. Read More …

Ways To Prevent Ticks From Infecting Your Dog With Lyme Disease This Summer

8 June 2022
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Your dog's life is directly in your hands. When you aren't taking care of your dog, there's only so much your dog can do for itself. You are responsible for your dog and its health in order to ensure it has a long and healthy life. Part of taking care of your pet is to prevent diseases such as Lyme disease. Lyme disease can affect both pets and humans alike. It is usually caused by a bite from a tick that has Lyme disease. Read More …

What To Consider When Taking Your Dog To The Emergency Veterinarian

31 March 2022
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When your dog has an emergency situation, it may leave you feeling all types of emotions. You want your dog to get the very best care and solve whatever ailment it is suffering from, but there are things you need to consider when you take your dog to the veterinarian. You need to get control of your emotions and be strong for your dog. They are counting on you to get them the very best care possible. Read More …