Three Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Dental Care

12 February 2020
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Cats, like all pets, need dental care on a regular basis in order to ensure that they have good dental health. However, many pet parents often think that cats can get by without it. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Even if you brush your cat's teeth at home, they still need dental check-ups and cleanings on a regular basis. This is why. Dental Problems Hurt The first thing to realize is that if your cat has a dental problem right now, they may not show any sign of it. Read More …

Are Your Cat’s Failing Kidneys Threatening Their Vision?

7 February 2020
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When a cat is diagnosed with kidney disease, that's genuinely bad enough on its own. Kidney disease is ultimately fatal in cats, as there's no known cure, so it may seem like this is as bad as it can get. Unfortunately, things can get worse from there if you're not careful. While cats with kidney disease can live relatively long and enjoyable lives, they can only do so with your help. Read More …